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Doctor Who

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Doctor Who is an incredible show. There is so much adventure; you meet many different characters, and see beautiful imagery as the Doctor and his companions travel in his TARDIS through the universe. The Doctor lives in his TARDIS (Time And Relevant Dimension In Space). This device appears as a blue police-call box  but is actually quite bigger on the inside with a huge control panel in the center. The TARDIS takes the Doctor and friends anywhere and anywhen so there are endless possibilities on what they may encounter.  If you’re looking for incredible sci-fi action, take a ride with Doctor Who.

— Mark F. (New Urban High School)





“Season One” of The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead: “Season One”

by Jillian Solar

“Season One” of The Walking Dead is the best.  The protagonist, Rick Grimes, wakes in a hospital in Atlanta, only to find a horrific world full of zombies.  He hits the streets, anxious to find his family, which leads to one word, hope. Rick never gives up on hope.  Hope is one theme that makes “Season One” of The Walking Dead different from other zombie stories.  The show can make you angry, sad, and happy. You feel what the characters are feeling. It is almost as if you are there. It is a TV show that is obviously worth watching.  If you don’t have time for the whole series, you should at least check out “Season One.”

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