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Ichabod’s In Scapoose

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review by Jesse Nelson (New Urban High School)


If you’re going to go anywhere in Scappoose, Oregon for a breakfast, lunch or dinner meal let me suggest you go back in time and go to a wonderful restaurant called Ichabod’s.



Ichabod’s is a old school restaurant that will satisfy your mood for food. They feature everything from butter on toast to your choice of steak. They also have sandwiches and Mexican food and all the those sides your love so much: fries, onion rings and also tater tots.


When you walk through the door of this downhome diner, you will smell all the wonderful meals. You will feel warm from all of the people and the heat coming from the food. The people managing the restaurant will find you a seat. If you enter feeling sad, you will will exit happy.


When my grandma, grandpa and I went to this restaurant, I left happy as a pig and stuffed as a turkey. My grandma had her choice of steak, and my grandpa just had jelly toast and eggs. I had a hamburger for breakfast and it was huge. I loved the burger; it was fantastic.



If you go to any restaurant in Scappoose, definitely try Ichabod’s.




Oregon Travel Guide

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Here’s a blog from one of my summer school students:

Mr. Zach O’Leary.


Wild Waves by London B.

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Last summer I went to Wild Waves in Federal Way, Washington. It’s like a water park mixed with an amusement park. They have 3 real big roller coasters and 7 huge water slides and sooo much more !  They have this huge pond right in the middle of the whole park and it has hundreds of coy fish with big mouths. You can feed them out of a little machine for 25 cents.  We got there early like 11 and it was really hot. We went on a few rides first then went to the water side of the park. It was a blast: They had some scary-looking rides like ones that went constantly down and up in circles and I was like heck no, but I went on a wooden roller coaster and that was crazy. And I went on a roller coaster called corkscrew, and it spins like a corkscrew.  Wild Waves was the best part about my summer, and I will never forget it.