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Here’s a blog from one of my summer school students:

Mr. Zach O’Leary.



Into The Wild (summary by Paige Antonich)

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Author Jon Krakauer wrote about the wild adventures of Christopher Johnson McCandless as he goes into the wilderness north of Mt. McKinley. 

McCandless graduated Emory University May 12th 1990. He got his bachelors degree that year and double majored in history and anthropology. McCandless was wealthy and gifted. He grew up in Washington D.C. with his parents and sister. McCandless had anger building toward his parents since his freshman year in college, until he graduated and donated his $25,000 dollar savings anonymously to charity. From there Christopher jumped in his car and left without telling a single soul where he was going or that he had even left. Not too much later a flash flood hits ruining McCandless’s car, and that’s where the real journey begins!

He had to ditch the car and start hitchhiking his way around the whole Northwest to Alaska, getting jobs here and there not staying in one place for too long. After about two years McCandless made it to his final destination where he spent 16 weeks hunting whatever he can and living off the land.

You’ll have to read the book to see how it ends.

Sarah Week’s So B. It (a book review by Jade R.)

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So B. It by Sarah Weeks is about how Heidi (a little girl) goes on a search to find her mother’s name and history.  From Reno, Nevada to Liberty, New York, the protagonist searches and finds something more than she suspected. She learns about her mother, grandma, and grandpa. She meets some new friends along her adventure. She has some tough times and some good times. By the end of her journey, she realizes she will always love…(well, you’ll just have to read it and find out).  This is a great book, and I recommend this book if you’re interested in fun adventures.