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Ed Benedict Skate Park by Noah Hammond

Posted in Oregon, Skateboard on February 23, 2017 by Mr. Winch

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Ed Benedict is a skatepark for people in the mid to expert level skater range. To start, there are steep bowls that are very close together which need almost perfect reaction time. These bowls are formed and used majority for riding vert. Vert skating is when you’re riding the bowls and you go from riding horizontal to riding vertical. To follow, there are many grinds that all are high up off the ground and there are four stair sets at Ed Benedict. There is a small two stair, a small three step, a bigger three stair and an even bigger five stair. With all these grinds and the stair sets you can further your skating in those areas and on top of the you can get good footage while you’re at it. Finally, with all the local pros at Ed Benedict the rules get followed and are enforced more than other skateparks. So if you’re in the  in the mid to expert level skater range, then Ed Benedict is the skatepark for you.

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