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Doctor Who

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Doctor Who is an incredible show. There is so much adventure; you meet many different characters, and see beautiful imagery as the Doctor and his companions travel in his TARDIS through the universe. The Doctor lives in his TARDIS (Time And Relevant Dimension In Space). This device appears as a blue police-call box  but is actually quite bigger on the inside with a huge control panel in the center. The TARDIS takes the Doctor and friends anywhere and anywhen so there are endless possibilities on what they may encounter.  If you’re looking for incredible sci-fi action, take a ride with Doctor Who.

— Mark F. (New Urban High School)





Lois Lowry’s The Giver (A book review by Jack D.)

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The setting of this masterpiece is a futuristic dystopian society.  The main character is Jonas, who is handpicked by the elders to be the new receiver, one of the highest ranking jobs. But what does the receiver do, exactly? He or she receives memories from the previous receiver, or the current giver. The process is repeated several times throughout history, giving the receiver knowledge none of the others possess. The receiver uses these memories to lend advice and aid the leaders of the society when the leaders are confronted with an unknown threat. As Jonas receives these memories, he sees more and more holes in the perfect society. He also begins to gains something that very few people have, the ability to see color.  Read the book to learn how Jonas copes with this new way of life.