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William Bonney: Good Vibes

Posted in 21st Century, Music, punk, Rock on May 4, 2018 by Mr. Winch


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William Bonney

Good Vibes

Music Review by Colin Allen

Good Vibes is the only EP by American midwest emo/screamo band William Bonney. It was released on May 1st, 2011 (Sharifi).


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Good Vibes is exactly the opposite of what it’s title entails. It’s sad, it’s melodramatic, it’s nihilistic; it’s basically “life sucks – the album”. With a healthy medium between twinkle and distortion, intense drilling drums, and emotional lyrics and vocal delivery (screaming), Good Vibes evokes anger, sadness, melancholy, loneliness, and self-hatred. Most of the lyrical content is set after a break up, and dealing with yourself, anxiety, and loneliness. It’s a sad album for sure, but it’s also an enjoyable listen. Every track is great, and extremely head-bangable. Basically, you can mosh and cry at the same time. My favorite track is “No Pizza,” an intense little jaunt wrought with emotional comparison to weather, missing people who were important to oneself, and loneliness.

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Good Vibes is one of the most important albums to my musical taste, as it got me into screamo and the harder side of emo. It’s an amazing, albeit sad album, that has helped me a lot in sad times. It’s nice to know that someone else, someone I look up to, has gone through the same emotions. I even met the vocalist, Jack Senff, and he was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Good Vibes is one of those albums that I absolutely love to listen to, yet also makes me sad. But it’s worth it.

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Sharifi, Hossein.  Rate Your Music.  “William Bonney: Good Vibes.” Sonemic.  2018.


Feedback by John Isaacson (Zine Review by Anika)

Posted in Comics, Music, punk, Rock, Zines on July 5, 2017 by Mr. Winch

Feedback by John Isaacson is a zine that features reviews of live music shows. Each page features a clipping of the poster for the show and opposite to the poster is a comic of some interactions John had while at the shows, and some are quite funny.  This zine is a great compilation of comics and artwork. Each page tells a little story about the experience John had and just from that, you get the whole mood of the show. This zine has a whopping 13 different shows in it plus bonus album reviews in the back. This zine was made with care and lots of thought. It is clear that John’s love for the music scene is immense.

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Bad Religion: No Control (LP) 1989 (review by Jack Dvorak)

Posted in 1980s, 1980s music, Music, punk, Rock on May 6, 2015 by Mr. Winch


Oh man, where do I even start? The fast paced drums? The intense lyrics?  Or better yet, a delicate balance of noise and clarity in the sound of this album. It takes me away to a time where the local arcade is where the hours of our youth would be spent, with each game costing a quarter. You can almost feel the heat of the sun beat down as you contemplate what the next fun thing to do is. But that question is already answered: you’re listening to this album while skating down the sidewalk on your fishtail board, maybe with a firecracker in hand. Or at least you should be.

Walk This Way: a book review by Karen E.

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Walk This Way, written by Aerosmith and Steven Davis, is an amazing crazy adventure.  It starts out with a prologue about Steven Tyler and his addiction. Then the book goes talking about his family tree. The legendary amazing vocalist’s family tree dates back to his great grandpa and grandma playing music. His aunt was one out of the many people who knew music and taught Steven to play.

It was a great experience reading this book and learning more about one of my idols, compared to reading it off the Internet. This is an interesting book and people should read it if they are really into Aerosmith and/or Steven Tyler and his journey onto sobriety.