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Roger Cara’s Treasury of Cat Stories (reviews by Lexi Ballou)

Posted in Book Reviews, Cats, Pets, Short Stories on May 14, 2015 by Mr. Winch

The story “The Fat Cat” by Q. Patrick (page 269-274) is my favorite story in Roger Caras’ Treasury of Great Cat Stories because it caught my attention the most. It was funny, very different (in a good way) and has a plot twist. It’s about these Marines who found a cat in a mission house in Fufa. They didn’t expect to find anything alive, especially a fat cat that was sitting on what was left of a mat. Throughout the story, Randy and Joe were with the cat, and all of a sudden they ran into Japanese soldiers and they went into the jungle and found something to eat; it was a chicken. They and the cat stared at it.  At the end, the cat that got it and the cat was just smiling. I love how this story ended.

The story “Midshipman, The Cat” by John Coleman Adams (page 116-126) this is also one of my favorites even though it’s sad at some parts, especially the ending. I like how it’s based on a true story. True stories are my favorite. This story is about a cat who travels along the sea. In the 70s, a group of people were sailing, and they took the poor cat along with them in their boat. The cat quickly made himself at home; he never got seasick and he ate with the humans when it was dinner time. Middy was the name of the cat. He snuggled and laid his head on the captain’s knee and slept the rest of the way to Boston, and that was the last time they ever saw Middy. He was taken to his new boarding place. This story is very meaningful and cute.