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Azealia Banks

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Underdogs of Rap

by Gary Barnes <>

Azealia Banks needs more recognition. She’s original. She’s memorable. She gets you thinking.  She’s one of the underdogs of rap. Her big break should’ve happened a long time ago. She, like Nicki Minaj, has been making music since she was a teenager. Azealia’s lyrics have always shocked and amazed, and they’ve have grown and gotten better. They will mesmerize you. She has a way of grabbing your attention. She’s strange and different from all of the popular rap right now. That is what is needed in the world of rap: some range of styles.  Azealia is what rap needs, and more people need to realize it. She is one of the best.



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by Gary Barnes


Solana Rowe, aka SZA, is one of the best singers in music right now. SZA is signed to Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) along with artists such as Isaiah Rashad and Kendrick Lamar, whom she has collaborated with on some of her songs. Her music is calming, relaxing. Her voice is enchanting. It’ll put you in a daze. It’s the perfect music to listen to if you need to escape. She has only been making music since 2012, but she has definitely defined her sound and feel. It has a feel of soul and R&B music, but not quite. It gives off a mystic and magical vibe. More people definitely need to find her music.

Ruin by Ana Garrett

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Ruin and Lil Style Ripper are the best krumpers in the world. Ruin has arm placements, speed, control, character, basics, tricks and puzzles. Ruin tells a story when he krumps and when he get buck, he gets the crowd hype. Lil Style Ripper has material, basics, tricks, character and storytelling when he battles.  When they battle,  Ruin has more material so while both are great, I have to say that Ruin is the best.