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Dr. Pepper (A review by Max Schell)

Posted in Food on May 17, 2018 by Mr. Winch

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Dr. Pepper is an American classic soda that has a unique, almost burning cold taste that is truly amazing. The first thing you’ll notice, when drinking Dr Pepper, is that it is incredibly refreshing, sugary-”pepper” flavor, as well as it’s nice and cool feeling. Soon after that, you will begin to have a slight, not painful burning but good burning sensation in the back of your throat. Oddly enough, it is great for clearing your throat, if you need to make a speech, or sing. The taste washes over you, like a cleansing force, as you drink. Overall, with everything it has combined, it feels, and tastes amazing, and is truly a great drink.

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The Bacon Cheeseburger

Posted in Food on May 4, 2018 by Mr. Winch

by Max Schell

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The bacon cheeseburger is a delicious food that combines two American classics: bacon and cheeseburgers. The taste is a symphony of meat, cheese, and bread. If cooked by a good enough chef, its texture is a mouthwateringly soft, and a little bit wet with grease. The beef provides the base, and most of the texture, a soft, plentiful meat supplies a great taste, and a good base for the texture. The bacon gives a bit more structure, and it’s often a bit harder than the beef, which provides for a mixture of textures, a crunch with the soft, supple beef. The cheese provides hydration for both, and gives the entire thing a more fresh feeling, and taste. Overall, the bacon cheeseburger is one of the very best foods in North America, and its legacy will be difficult to surpass.

Ichabod’s In Scapoose

Posted in Food, Travel, Uncategorized on June 9, 2016 by Mr. Winch

review by Jesse Nelson (New Urban High School)


If you’re going to go anywhere in Scappoose, Oregon for a breakfast, lunch or dinner meal let me suggest you go back in time and go to a wonderful restaurant called Ichabod’s.



Ichabod’s is a old school restaurant that will satisfy your mood for food. They feature everything from butter on toast to your choice of steak. They also have sandwiches and Mexican food and all the those sides your love so much: fries, onion rings and also tater tots.


When you walk through the door of this downhome diner, you will smell all the wonderful meals. You will feel warm from all of the people and the heat coming from the food. The people managing the restaurant will find you a seat. If you enter feeling sad, you will will exit happy.


When my grandma, grandpa and I went to this restaurant, I left happy as a pig and stuffed as a turkey. My grandma had her choice of steak, and my grandpa just had jelly toast and eggs. I had a hamburger for breakfast and it was huge. I loved the burger; it was fantastic.



If you go to any restaurant in Scappoose, definitely try Ichabod’s.



The Best Store: Costco

Posted in Amusement Parks, Food, Humor, stores on October 2, 2015 by Mr. Winch

by Marcos Romero-Serrano

Costco has to be one of the best stores, period. What’s not to love about it? It has everything you can possibly love. It has every type of food, but double the size of it. And if you lose your kid at least he/she will be able to try their amazing food samples. This place is like Chuck E Cheese but instead of mini games everything is really great food. Costco is just awesome.

Zenner’s Pork Sausage

Posted in Food on November 5, 2014 by Mr. Winch

I walked into class and I smelled the sausage, and it smelled wonderful, like freshly cooked bacon. After I had obtained the juicy pork, I picked it up with the fork, and the fork felt a bit heavy. I bit into the sausage and it was hot.  After the heat went away I felt the flavors explode in my mouth, mixtures of sweet and spice mixed together, wonderful. Pretty much I thought that the sausage was very good.  It was a flavor explosion, and I will definitely try this sausage again.

— Skylar W.

Picture of Western Pride Pork Link SausagePicture of Western Pride Pork Link SausagePicture of Western Pride Pork Link SausagePicture of Western Pride Pork Link Sausage

Patiently waiting

sitting slumped in my cold seat

the sizzling of Western Sausage

taking every bit of my attention

as I slowly drift into thought

Those Sunday mornings

sitting at the kitchen table

watching Luke pile sausage onto the plate

Picture of Western Pride Pork Link SausagePicture of Western Pride Pork Link SausagePicture of Western Pride Pork Link Sausage

I suddenly snap back to reality 

The smell going through my nose

into my mouth

tickling my tongue

every second getting closer and closer

to experiencing my first sausage in two years.

 — Sydney K.

Picture of Western Pride Pork Link SausagePicture of Western Pride Pork Link SausagePicture of Western Pride Pork Link SausagePicture of Western Pride Pork Link Sausage

The smell of sausage wafted through the room,

the sausage on the pan

popped and sizzled,

the gold and brown crunch

of the sausage skin

tasted delightful,

it brought back memories

of happy moments

from the past.


— Kevin O’Brien



Picture of Western Pride Pork Link SausagePicture of Western Pride Pork Link SausagePicture of Western Pride Pork Link Sausage


I could hear it


in the pan

the first bite

was warm

and savory

It looked

and smelled


and just like that

it was gone

— Chloe S.


Posted in Candy, Food, Humor on June 27, 2014 by Mr. Winch

Trolli Sour Brite Eggs are so incredibly healthy! People work so hard all day, and at the end of day, they take that trip to 7-Eleven. Brite Eggs are a cure for that sweet -tooth feeling. They will perk you up and get you ready for your crazy family waiting at home. The sugar rush keeps you going all night, and you will crash later and  sleep like a baby.  So in the end, Trolli Sour Brite Eggs are super healthy for today’s lifestyle.

Hot Chocolate on a Cold Day by Heaven

Posted in Food, Uncategorized on May 21, 2014 by Mr. Winch

The wind blows through my big pink Hello Kitty coat so I go inside and knock the snow off my pink boots, take off my coat and hang it on the rack.   I sit at the counter, and my mom puts her teapot on the stove.

Finally the pot whistles and she pours some nice warm cocoa into my Oreo cup.  The foam drips down the side of the cup.  As I pour the hot cocoa into my mouth, the chocolate warmth covers my tummy.

Hot cocoa is a warm blanket on a cold day.