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Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

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spoiler alert!


Laurie Halse Anderson´s 1999 Speak is a fiction novel set in current Syracuse, New York. Protagonist Melinda Sordino is a round and dynamic character who learns that with time she can accept what happened to her. In August, before Melinda´s first year of high school, Melinda calls the police when she is at a party. When Melinda´s friends and peers discover she broke up the party and got people arrested, she gets deserted and bullied. Over the course of the school year, Melinda´s past unfolds. When Melinda reveals her rape to her ex-best friend Rachel, her attacker comes to rape her again. Andy, the rapist, is caught by the lacrosse team and the story of Melinda´s rape is spread throughout the school. The traumatic events that Melinda experienced caused her to change dramatically. Her change and the conflicts/traumas she experiences help develop the main theme illustrated in the novel, which…

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Review by Mason Atkins (New Urban High School)



Bone by Jeff Smith is a funny and interesting comic book.



Bone is funny because the characters have a hilarious personalities. For example, Phoney Bone has stupid ideas and most of the time is angry. That doesn’t sound funny, but it is.  He got angry in “Book 2” because Smiley Bone made the worst cow suit. Smiley is funny too.  He’s pretty stupid and ruins all the plans, for example the plans to rebuild the farm house in “Bones 2.” Although Bones is entertaining, it also is interesting.



Bone is interesting for many reasons. They have villages that have never heard of money, and also there are dragons and also monsters called rat creatures. The dragon is the protector of the Bone cousins, and the rat creatures are ugly monsters that live in the woods and work for a king rat creature called Kingdok. The rat creatures are chasing down the Bone cousins and have not succeeded in capturing them because of the dragon. This is just one of the many reasons the plot of this book is riveting.


If you like funny and interesting comic books, check out Bone by Jeff Smith.



Go Ask Alice by Anonymous (An book review by Emily R.)

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Go Ask Alice is a novel based on the diary of a 15 year old girl who falls into the world of drugs. The book is very relatable for teens as it shows many examples of teen peer pressure. Even though the setting is back in the 1960s, peer pressure and teen drug use are still major issues that our society faces today. The issues aren’t in just one place either, which is clearly demonstrated by the novel’s backdrop setting. The title of Go Ask Alice is an allusion to the song “the White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane, a song that is about drugs. The book’s author is anonymous, and the people/place names in the book were changed to protect their identities. Throughout the book, many conflicts arise (drug use, family problems, school issues); unfortunately many of those conflicts remain unresolved. Overall, I give Go Ask Alice a big thumbs up. Descriptive writing, interesting language, real life situations that are easy to relate to. The book is an amazing tribute to a harsh unforgiving reality. So grab a cup of understanding, a bite of reality, and a comfy place to sit, because you won’t be able to forget the story of a girl named Alice.



Farley Mowat’s Owls In the Family (A review by Jillian S.)

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“Owls In The Family” is set in a place called Saskatoon, which is an actual place in Canada. The time was somewhere in the 1930s. Farley Mowat is the writer who created the story. The main protagonist is Billy, who is 13 or 14 years old. He has a friend named Bruce, who is about the same age as him. Billy and Bruce end up finding this one owl after a treacherous storm. It is all alone, and nearly half grown. Billy decides it would make a good pet, so he decides to take the owlet to his house. Later, Billy finds another smaller owl in an an oil barrel. He decides to take that owlet home as well. There are these crows that absolutely hate owls. The minute one crow sees an owl, the owl flock attacks. The crows are definitely the antagonists of the story. There are many more things in the story to talk about, but I don’t want to give you any spoilers, so I’ll refrain from telling you any more. It is an interesting and funny story that has a lot of cute moments too. This book is surely worth reading, especially if you like owls.


Sarah Week’s So B. It (a book review by Jade R.)

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So B. It by Sarah Weeks is about how Heidi (a little girl) goes on a search to find her mother’s name and history.  From Reno, Nevada to Liberty, New York, the protagonist searches and finds something more than she suspected. She learns about her mother, grandma, and grandpa. She meets some new friends along her adventure. She has some tough times and some good times. By the end of her journey, she realizes she will always love…(well, you’ll just have to read it and find out).  This is a great book, and I recommend this book if you’re interested in fun adventures.

Closed for the Season by Mary Downing Hahn

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Closed for the Season

A book review by Catty C.

Closed for the Season by Mary Downing Hahn is a chilling tale following 2 boys as they unravel the secrets to a unsolved murder in one of their homes. Over all, it is a great novel with a shocking plot twist that leaves readers on the edge and begging for more. If you want more of her, I recommend All the Lovely Bad Ones, another fantastic novel.


closed for the season
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