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The Monsters of D & D by Tanner

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Dragons are the namesake of Dungeons and Dragons, and are one of the most classic and iconic of monsters. Traditionally, there are two different classifications for dragons:; metallic and chromatic. Metallic dragons come in brass, copper, gold, silver, and bronze, and a majority of metallic dragons tend to be good-aligned, choosing to follow the teachings of the god Bahamut, the Platinum dragon. Chromatic dragons come in black, red, green, blue, and white, tend to be evil, and follow Tiamat, the Dragon Queen. Depending on the age of the dragon and the average level of the party, fights against dragons can either be only mildly difficult or extremely challenging. Each dragon has a different element assigned to it depending on its color. Gold, brass, and red have fiery breath, silver and white have ice, bronze and blue have lightning, copper and black have acid, and green has poison. In terms of lore, all dragons tend to be hoarders of wealth, though how they manage to acquire it depends on if they’re metallic or chromatic. Metallics often receive gold, jewels, and rare items from smaller races in exchange for protection, whereas chromatics tend to gain wealth through fear and pillaging. Dragons make for a memorable and difficult fight, and are a very memorable monster overall.chromatic. Metallics often receive gold, jewels, and rare items from smaller races in exchange for protection, whereas chromatics tend to gain wealth through fear and pillaging. Dragons make for a memorable and difficult fight, and are a very memorable monster overall.

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Goblins are another classic in Dungeons and Dragons, known for serving other races as minions or being just a general nuisance on their own. Goblins are actually a subrace of a much larger, generalized type of monster, Goblinoids, and other monsters that fall under that label are bugbears and hobgoblins; however, goblins are the most well-known. Goblins tend to be numerous, so it’s very rare to encounter and battle just a single goblin, and because they’re so small, they can easily run up and hit you, only to disengage and back away so they don’t get attacked. However, to counteract this, goblins tend to be very, very weak. In the lore, goblins are very aggressive and short-tempered, and take pleasure in exacting revenge against those who have wronged them. They also tend to be very greedy and find it incredibly difficult to be altruistic or refuse a deal where they get paid vast amounts of wealth. In the end, goblins are an easy fight, but this makes it easy to fill rooms and dungeons with a large number of them for a challenge.

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Orcs are another classic Dungeons and Dragons monster, with many individuals having a very “survival of the fittest” attitude. Orcs don’t stand out very much in terms of fighting against them individually;, however, orcs are incredibly powerful in groups and make for challenging battles for all levels depending on how many there are; they tend to rely on brute strength and rarely, if ever, run from a fight, even if their chances of winning seem slim. In their lore, orcs are a very “tribal” type of civilization and are very aggressive, brutal people. They also follow their own pantheon of deities, the most major god being Gruumsh, the one-eyed god. Overall, while they’re not incredibly flashy or special; , orcs are a staple in the game and will likely never go away anytime soon.

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Review by Mason Atkins (New Urban High School)



Bone by Jeff Smith is a funny and interesting comic book.



Bone is funny because the characters have a hilarious personalities. For example, Phoney Bone has stupid ideas and most of the time is angry. That doesn’t sound funny, but it is.  He got angry in “Book 2” because Smiley Bone made the worst cow suit. Smiley is funny too.  He’s pretty stupid and ruins all the plans, for example the plans to rebuild the farm house in “Bones 2.” Although Bones is entertaining, it also is interesting.



Bone is interesting for many reasons. They have villages that have never heard of money, and also there are dragons and also monsters called rat creatures. The dragon is the protector of the Bone cousins, and the rat creatures are ugly monsters that live in the woods and work for a king rat creature called Kingdok. The rat creatures are chasing down the Bone cousins and have not succeeded in capturing them because of the dragon. This is just one of the many reasons the plot of this book is riveting.


If you like funny and interesting comic books, check out Bone by Jeff Smith.



The Graveyard Book (A summary by Candice S.)

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The Graveyard Book is a young-adult fantasy novel by Neil Gaiman (some of his other well-known works include Coraline, Neverwhere, and Stardust). The book begins with the Jack murdering the protagonist’s family. The toddler, Nobody Owens, usually referred to as Bod, had successfully escaped from his crib. He slid down the stairs, out the door, and down to the graveyard, while the man Jack was “busy” with his parents.

When Bod arrives at the graveyard the local ghosts find him and decided to take him in after seeing the bewildered flickering ghosts of his parents begging for their help. Silas assigns himself as the boy’s guardian, and Mrs. and Mr. Owens become his new adoptive parents.

Jack finds many things: the reason for his parents’ death, why the order known as Jack of All Trades is after him.  He also finds himself.

 Dance of Cloaks (book review by Kevin O’Brien)

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A Dance of Cloaks is the best book. It has violence, death, betrayal and a little love.  Thieves fight one another for control over parts of a city called Valdren, but they all face a common enemy called the Trifect. The Trifect is an alliance made up of three of the most powerful and wealthy Nobles, Kennans, Conningtons, and the Gemcrofts.  In all of Veldren there is only one man that Trifect has no control over. . . his name Thren Felhorn.  Felhorn has control over all the thief guilds and declares war against the Trifect.  Felhorn has a son named Aaron who he has trained to carry on his fearsome legacy, that everyone will one day fear a hundred times more so than himself.  Aaron is sent to kill the daughter of a priest but puts his life at risk to keep her safe from his father’s fury and gets a glimpse of a life without death, poison and the iron rule of his father.  This book is recommended for those who enjoy violence, betrayal, some love, and plenty of action.

Anne McCaffrey’s Dragons by Sam A.

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Anne McCaffrey is my favorite author because she makes the stories lifelike…like you are watching the events happen from a few feet away.  I really like these books. Then again… I like all books about dragons.

Dragon Flight is one of the first of Anne McCaffrey’s books that I’ve ever read.  The more I think about this book, the more I want to read it again.  I had no idea that a book could be so addictive. But now that I know… I can’t stop. That makes me wish I had every single book that she ever wrote.

Dragon Quest is another example of Anne’s ability to make you feel like you are really in the book. That is the reason why I love the books she writes.