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The Best Store: Costco

Posted in Amusement Parks, Food, Humor, stores on October 2, 2015 by Mr. Winch

by Marcos Romero-Serrano

Costco has to be one of the best stores, period. What’s not to love about it? It has everything you can possibly love. It has every type of food, but double the size of it. And if you lose your kid at least he/she will be able to try their amazing food samples. This place is like Chuck E Cheese but instead of mini games everything is really great food. Costco is just awesome.


Wild Waves by London B.

Posted in Amusement Parks, Travel, Uncategorized, Water Places with tags on March 12, 2014 by Mr. Winch

Last summer I went to Wild Waves in Federal Way, Washington. It’s like a water park mixed with an amusement park. They have 3 real big roller coasters and 7 huge water slides and sooo much more !  They have this huge pond right in the middle of the whole park and it has hundreds of coy fish with big mouths. You can feed them out of a little machine for 25 cents.  We got there early like 11 and it was really hot. We went on a few rides first then went to the water side of the park. It was a blast: They had some scary-looking rides like ones that went constantly down and up in circles and I was like heck no, but I went on a wooden roller coaster and that was crazy. And I went on a roller coaster called corkscrew, and it spins like a corkscrew.  Wild Waves was the best part about my summer, and I will never forget it.