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WaterWorks (1972)

Posted in 1970s, Games on September 23, 2016 by Mr. Winch

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WaterWorks 1972 by Parker Brothers: it’s  an interesting and influential board game from days of yesteryears. The objective of the game is to be the first player to build a complete, leak free, pipeline from your valve card to your spout card. The 88 cards consist of spout and valve cards (enough for four players), plus many different kinds of pipe-section cards. Copper -colored pipes can never leak. Iron pipes can be made to leak, and some iron pipes are already leaky. So this means there are  many different ways to build your piping but also ways for you to stop your opponents from winning. You could say that the game could be referencing the Mario Brothers which came out 13 years after Waterworks. If you like strategic games then you should check out this game.  — Riley Robertson


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The game Waterworks, created in 1972 by the Parker Brothers, is a very interesting game. Waterworks is an interesting game because it is difficult to win, but easy to learn and catch on to the rules. This game is mainly based on strategy and strategic mov. You need to focus on not only your cards, but all of your opponent’s cards, too. The game Waterworks requires at least two people to play at a time. If you or your opponent decides to put a broken pipe on one of yours or their cards, you can either put a wrench on it, or you can put a new pipe on the leak, which is interesting because there are two ways to fix a problem in this game. This game takes focus and strategy to play, and that is why it is such an interesting game.  — Izayah Shreve