Life in Color by Zach Firkus

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Paint parties are not a totally new thing, but Life in Color Tour takes the concept to the next level. Not only is LIC the largest paint party in the world, but also features world-class DJs performing at every show, while thousands of ragers get sprayed with dripping colors. This event is something you would want to go to if you are down to wear a white shirt and get drenched by a fire hose that sprays paint into the crowed while different genres of EDM music is being played. The tour hits almost every major city in the United States and also reaches out to different countries with different tour dates. I recommend bringing eye protection and also something to hold your valuables in so they do not get soaked from the paint. If you don’t want to stick around the crowds then you can always go check out the food carts and get yourself some delicious food the venue has to offer or go check out the merchandise the tour or artist brings.


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One Response to “Life in Color by Zach Firkus”

  1. Kat Snyder Says:

    This sounds totally fun!

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