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Beastie Boys by Dakota Cuddeford

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Life in Color by Zach Firkus

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Paint parties are not a totally new thing, but Life in Color Tour takes the concept to the next level. Not only is LIC the largest paint party in the world, but also features world-class DJs performing at every show, while thousands of ragers get sprayed with dripping colors. This event is something you would want to go to if you are down to wear a white shirt and get drenched by a fire hose that sprays paint into the crowed while different genres of EDM music is being played. The tour hits almost every major city in the United States and also reaches out to different countries with different tour dates. I recommend bringing eye protection and also something to hold your valuables in so they do not get soaked from the paint. If you don’t want to stick around the crowds then you can always go check out the food carts and get yourself some delicious food the venue has to offer or go check out the merchandise the tour or artist brings.


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Ed Benedict Skate Park by Noah Hammond

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Ed Benedict is a skatepark for people in the mid to expert level skater range. To start, there are steep bowls that are very close together which need almost perfect reaction time. These bowls are formed and used majority for riding vert. Vert skating is when you’re riding the bowls and you go from riding horizontal to riding vertical. To follow, there are many grinds that all are high up off the ground and there are four stair sets at Ed Benedict. There is a small two stair, a small three step, a bigger three stair and an even bigger five stair. With all these grinds and the stair sets you can further your skating in those areas and on top of the you can get good footage while you’re at it. Finally, with all the local pros at Ed Benedict the rules get followed and are enforced more than other skateparks. So if you’re in the  in the mid to expert level skater range, then Ed Benedict is the skatepark for you.

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F.E.A.R. (review by Tyler Lombard)

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The F.E.A.R. video game series is a long, very horrific experience to stop a young girl named Alma Wade.  Alma Wade is the mother of the apocalypse.

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First, you take the perspective of a F.E.A.R. operative or First Encounter Assault Recon. The F.E.A.R. team is trying to hunt down Alma Wade  for good reason. She is a demon/spirit figure that kills everything and everyone in her path, and some of her victims go insane, maybe because she consumes their sanity.  Her actions are actually quite understandable because when she was still alive, scientists did tons of experiments on her and then locked her away.  When you first see her, she is ten, but by age fifteen, she has had two kids: Fettle and Point Man. The scientists took her babies away from her, which is another reason why she is severely pissed off.

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While the F.E.A.R. operatives follow through with their objectives, they have to stop other forces along the way: demons, cop-like-F.B.I. military guy, the Replica Soldiers–thousands of super soldiers.  These other forces find the F.E.A.R. operatives a threat. Along the way, you–the main F.E.A.R. operative–go on this hell of a spree, watching everything die by everything, witnessing all the people you worked with die by demons in the most suffering and brutal of ways. But Alma Wade, decides to kill all of the above.

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All the chaos, all the terror that you see is from Alma Wade.  The headaches, the hallucinations you experience, that is all from her. Even though it is understandable why Alma is this way, she still needs to be stopped in any way that is possible. If you are interested in first-person-shooter horror video games, then check out F.E.A.R.