The Fate of Ambar: a review by Tanner Radcliff

The Fate of Ambar

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The Fate of Ambar (or Amber, spelling is inconsistent) is a Dungeons and Dragons-style choose-your-own-adventure game in the style of a book made for Android and iOS.

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The plot kicks off with your character being chosen by an entity called the “Great Goddess” to save your village from a seemingly incurable disease called the Sighing Sickness, named for the last breath taken by the afflicted before they die. The village’s druid can’t seem to do anything about it, and because the village is secluded on an island, they cannot get the help they need without leaving it, so they send your character off the island to go find a cure. Gameplay is simple. Most of it plays like a choose your own adventure book, with you selecting with what you want to do in response to a situation and going to the appropriate page.

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Your character is given gold and experience for completing story-related tasks or fighting monsters and other people. In terms of character customization, you can choose your name, sex, and class. Sex does not affect your character’s stats at all, nor does it keep you from picking certain classes. There are two classes:; Warrior and Ranger. Each class gets a certain set of special skills that only that class is able to use, as well as weapons and armor you’re allowed to use.


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Combat is simple and turn-based, and there are three stances you can switch between at any time:; Neutral, Offensive, and Defensive. Neutral is a balanced stance, Offensive focuses on attacking and doing damage though it will weaken your defenses, and Defensive will strengthen your defenses while reducing the damage you do. In combat, you can also attack, doing damage to your opponent, or use a consumable item, which is good if you are low on health. On the enemy’s turn, you have to defend against their attack. When your health reaches zero, you die and it’s game over.


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The game is great for people who enjoy fantasy settings and simple gameplay, and the combat system is simple enough for anyone to grasp. It’s a great game, overall. It’s recommended for teenagers and young adults, since some of the language is not suited for younger children, and the grim atmosphere of the game as well as the detail put into describing your deaths may scare some children.


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