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The Things They Carried Plot Summary

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Tim O’Brien’s 1990 The Things They Carried is a collection of stories from the Vietnam War. The book’s’ title not only stands for the physical things a soldier must carry, but it also represents the emotional baggage they all carry inside. After a “grunt,” or a low ranking soldier, named Ted Lavender is shot, the leader of the squad, Jimmy Cross takes the blame. This is so because he constantly been distracted by a girl he loves named Martha, which has made him become mentally uninvolved in the war. In a later chapter titled “On the Rainy RIver,” the narrator, Tim O’Brien, explains the events leading him to Vietnam. When he got his draft notice he instantly thought about running away to Canada. After spending 6 days on the border and having an emotional breakdown, he returns home and goes to the war because he fears the disappointment from his…

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Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

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spoiler alert!


Laurie Halse Anderson´s 1999 Speak is a fiction novel set in current Syracuse, New York. Protagonist Melinda Sordino is a round and dynamic character who learns that with time she can accept what happened to her. In August, before Melinda´s first year of high school, Melinda calls the police when she is at a party. When Melinda´s friends and peers discover she broke up the party and got people arrested, she gets deserted and bullied. Over the course of the school year, Melinda´s past unfolds. When Melinda reveals her rape to her ex-best friend Rachel, her attacker comes to rape her again. Andy, the rapist, is caught by the lacrosse team and the story of Melinda´s rape is spread throughout the school. The traumatic events that Melinda experienced caused her to change dramatically. Her change and the conflicts/traumas she experiences help develop the main theme illustrated in the novel, which…

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