Write a paragraph about the book Ecotopia


Ecotopia is a book that my class read in January of this year. This book is by Ernest Callenbach. This book also came out in 1975. The genre of this book is sci-fi. The main plot of this book is to make a new country and live it and work in it. The narrator of this book is William Weston. William Weston is a American Citizen who enters Ecotopia to learn enough information about it, to write a review about it. William has a lot of sarcastic and obnoxious views about Ecotopia. What Ernest Callenbach is trying to show you with him. Is that this is what Americans think about this new country. In reality America is worst then Ecotopia.The Ecotopeans people are very nice, and non violent. The                         Ecotopeans  are very normal people, but the Narrator William. Makes them seem as weirder…

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