Ecotopia Review


In our class we read the beginning part of Ecotopia. The beginning was about Ecotopia emerging, and being put together. Now we have read about Ecotopia itself and what it is actually like to live in it. This part of the book is about William Weston and how he travels to Ecotopia, he finds it extremely weird since there is sculptures, plants, driverless transportation, etc. He finds it very different, yet somewhat relaxing at the same time. I think this book is a little crazy since it was written in 1975 and it is describing Portland in 2016 the current year.  My opinion on the narrator William Weston who is also the main character in the story is that at first he is closed minded because he didn’t like the place but he also found it relaxing so I feel like he loosened up a little but and opened up…

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