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Creature #1

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Brought to you by the high school students who bring you Good Stuff Reviews: Creature Magazine. Hard copies available!


100_3189New Urban Publishing

New Urban High School
All stories created by high school students

in Mr. Winch’s Creative Writing class.

All art created in Ms. Snyder’s art classes.

All stories are based on true stories.

This magazine was funded by a generous grant from
The North Clackamas Education Foundation



by Denise Breton-Guillen

The dark-green pines stand against the pale-blue sky. The wind is warm and the grass is dry. Sitting on the baseball field, you feel the prickly brown grass against your legs. Black birds circle around in the sky. The fire-orange sun peeks its head out from the cotton-like clouds to say hello. Sweat clings to your shirt. Pressing your palm to the ground, you feel the warmth of the summer earth and hard blades of grass. The humidity wraps around you like a blanket.

Suddenly, a black leather Gucci loafer crushes your fingers.

You look up to…

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The Best Store: Costco

Posted in Amusement Parks, Food, Humor, stores on October 2, 2015 by Mr. Winch

by Marcos Romero-Serrano

Costco has to be one of the best stores, period. What’s not to love about it? It has everything you can possibly love. It has every type of food, but double the size of it. And if you lose your kid at least he/she will be able to try their amazing food samples. This place is like Chuck E Cheese but instead of mini games everything is really great food. Costco is just awesome.