The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton (a review by Gabe Moore)

The Outsiders is one of the best books. It has a really good storyline, mixed with action and lots of stunning moments. Also it has a really good moral, showing you no matter how you look or the things you’ve done, you can still be a good person or a bad person. For example, the protagonist,  Ponyboy, is a poor greaser who acts really kind, and likes to contemplate on the better things in life. Another message in this story is that everyone has similar problems even though we may not look or act the same. For example, the greasers and socs have beefs with each other because the socs are rich and have everything made for them, while the greasers are poor and don’t have much of anything going for them, but when Ponyboy starts talking to Cherry Valance (a soc) she tells him about the problems that some of socs have. Ponyboy starts thinking about all of it, and it makes him not hate all of the socs, and makes him want to stop fighting because it only led to more problems. If you want to read a relatable or interesting story, you need to read The Outsiders.


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