Dance of Cloaks (book review by Kevin O’Brien)

A Dance of Cloaks is the best book. It has violence, death, betrayal and a little love.  Thieves fight one another for control over parts of a city called Valdren, but they all face a common enemy called the Trifect. The Trifect is an alliance made up of three of the most powerful and wealthy Nobles, Kennans, Conningtons, and the Gemcrofts.  In all of Veldren there is only one man that Trifect has no control over. . . his name Thren Felhorn.  Felhorn has control over all the thief guilds and declares war against the Trifect.  Felhorn has a son named Aaron who he has trained to carry on his fearsome legacy, that everyone will one day fear a hundred times more so than himself.  Aaron is sent to kill the daughter of a priest but puts his life at risk to keep her safe from his father’s fury and gets a glimpse of a life without death, poison and the iron rule of his father.  This book is recommended for those who enjoy violence, betrayal, some love, and plenty of action.


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