A Cafecito Story

Coffee House English 10

A Cafecito Story by Julia Alvarez is the partly fictional story of the events that led her and her husband to meet. It was published by Chelsea Green Publishing in 2002. The story focuses on the son of a farmer and how he finds fulfillment when he turns his life around and begins growing shaded coffee the traditional, organic way. I thought the book has useful information for coffee consumers because it explains the hardships coffee farmers have to endure to produce a single cup of coffee.

The main character, Joe, finds happiness in the green mountains of the Dominican Republic. He convinces farmers to keep their land and not give in to what he refers to as “La Compañia”. He prefers organically grown coffee to “sprayed coffee” because it allows every aspect of nature to take its course. “That makes for a better coffee” Miguel says, “When a bird…

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