Best Movie Of All Time by Ivonne Berenice Betty Tavera Vallejo

Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo (Three Meters Above The Sky) is the best romantic movie of all time. The story takes place in the beautiful city of Barcelona. The story is about two young people who live in two different worlds. Babi is a rich girl who wants to find the love of her life, and Hugo is a guy who lives for speed and violence.  A series of events makes Babi and Hugo meet, and they begin to have feelings for each other.  Unfortunately, having a relationship is almost impossible because Babi’s mother is strict, mean, and old fashioned. Babi doesn’t support Hugo and blames her hot sweet racer of a boyfriend for everything.  Hugo never gives up on Babi; all he wants to do is please her.  Three Metros Sobre El Cielo isn’t your regular romantic movie; there’s a twist that will leave you speechless. Trust me, you’ll want to watch it over and over. Each time you watch it, it will leave you sobbing.



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