deadmau5′ s “Professional Griefers” (a review by Corina M.)

Mixing up two totally different genres, and expecting a ground-breaking single is very unlikely, especially when combining something as upbeat and light as deadmau5 with something so dark and punk as My Chemical Romance. You might expect this song to crash and burn, like Korn and Skrillex’s work together, but Joel has always been great at avoiding disaster–a wonderful example being deadmau5′ s “Professional Griefers.”

Joel gives an amazing performance, removing any traces of rock music and pushing Gerard right out of his comfort zone, complementing the lead singer’s voice with heavy beats, basic hums with a sound similar to guitar, and a faint trace of bass. 

Like any song of Gerard’s, it has dark lyrics, with even darker meaning underneath. The song speaks of many things: a clash of spiritual and scientific views of the world; the replacement of past morals with what might seem right in the future generation–the Hyde of our current Jekyll perception. It sounds like a person realizing just how reckless and destructive this generation’s actions are, with ignorant people saying things in such a way that it seems exciting, invigorating, and the right thing to do.  People are crossing the line between beneficial sciences, and ones that are flat-out against any morals.

The song is one of My Chemical Romance’s and deadmau5’s biggest accomplishments. Gerard thinks outside of his hopeless romantic box, and Joel hops right out of his rap and R&B infused tracks. This song would appeal to any fan of punk rock, electronica, even dubstep. It definitely deserves — yet another — raving review.

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