Go Ask Alice by Anonymous (An book review by Emily R.)

Go Ask Alice is a novel based on the diary of a 15 year old girl who falls into the world of drugs. The book is very relatable for teens as it shows many examples of teen peer pressure. Even though the setting is back in the 1960s, peer pressure and teen drug use are still major issues that our society faces today. The issues aren’t in just one place either, which is clearly demonstrated by the novel’s backdrop setting. The title of Go Ask Alice is an allusion to the song “the White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane, a song that is about drugs. The book’s author is anonymous, and the people/place names in the book were changed to protect their identities. Throughout the book, many conflicts arise (drug use, family problems, school issues); unfortunately many of those conflicts remain unresolved. Overall, I give Go Ask Alice a big thumbs up. Descriptive writing, interesting language, real life situations that are easy to relate to. The book is an amazing tribute to a harsh unforgiving reality. So grab a cup of understanding, a bite of reality, and a comfy place to sit, because you won’t be able to forget the story of a girl named Alice.




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