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Hot Chocolate on a Cold Day by Heaven

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The wind blows through my big pink Hello Kitty coat so I go inside and knock the snow off my pink boots, take off my coat and hang it on the rack.   I sit at the counter, and my mom puts her teapot on the stove.

Finally the pot whistles and she pours some nice warm cocoa into my Oreo cup.  The foam drips down the side of the cup.  As I pour the hot cocoa into my mouth, the chocolate warmth covers my tummy.

Hot cocoa is a warm blanket on a cold day.




Anne McCaffrey’s Dragons by Sam A.

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Anne McCaffrey is my favorite author because she makes the stories lifelike…like you are watching the events happen from a few feet away.  I really like these books. Then again… I like all books about dragons.

Dragon Flight is one of the first of Anne McCaffrey’s books that I’ve ever read.  The more I think about this book, the more I want to read it again.  I had no idea that a book could be so addictive. But now that I know… I can’t stop. That makes me wish I had every single book that she ever wrote.

Dragon Quest is another example of Anne’s ability to make you feel like you are really in the book. That is the reason why I love the books she writes.

Prince Royce’s “Darte Un Beso” by Genesis

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“Darte Un Beso” by Prince Royce is such a beautiful Spanish song that when you hear it, you want to get up and dance. I’m a big fan of dancing to Spanish music, especially dancing bachata, which is the type of music this song is. It would make you want to go to a Hispanic party just to dance. Whenever this song is played and there’s a crowd, you can’t stay seated.  You have no choice. You have to dance.


deadmau5′ s “Professional Griefers” (a review by Corina M.)

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Mixing up two totally different genres, and expecting a ground-breaking single is very unlikely, especially when combining something as upbeat and light as deadmau5 with something so dark and punk as My Chemical Romance. You might expect this song to crash and burn, like Korn and Skrillex’s work together, but Joel has always been great at avoiding disaster–a wonderful example being deadmau5′ s “Professional Griefers.”

Joel gives an amazing performance, removing any traces of rock music and pushing Gerard right out of his comfort zone, complementing the lead singer’s voice with heavy beats, basic hums with a sound similar to guitar, and a faint trace of bass. 

Like any song of Gerard’s, it has dark lyrics, with even darker meaning underneath. The song speaks of many things: a clash of spiritual and scientific views of the world; the replacement of past morals with what might seem right in the future generation–the Hyde of our current Jekyll perception. It sounds like a person realizing just how reckless and destructive this generation’s actions are, with ignorant people saying things in such a way that it seems exciting, invigorating, and the right thing to do.  People are crossing the line between beneficial sciences, and ones that are flat-out against any morals.

The song is one of My Chemical Romance’s and deadmau5’s biggest accomplishments. Gerard thinks outside of his hopeless romantic box, and Joel hops right out of his rap and R&B infused tracks. This song would appeal to any fan of punk rock, electronica, even dubstep. It definitely deserves — yet another — raving review.

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Go Ask Alice by Anonymous (An book review by Emily R.)

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Go Ask Alice is a novel based on the diary of a 15 year old girl who falls into the world of drugs. The book is very relatable for teens as it shows many examples of teen peer pressure. Even though the setting is back in the 1960s, peer pressure and teen drug use are still major issues that our society faces today. The issues aren’t in just one place either, which is clearly demonstrated by the novel’s backdrop setting. The title of Go Ask Alice is an allusion to the song “the White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane, a song that is about drugs. The book’s author is anonymous, and the people/place names in the book were changed to protect their identities. Throughout the book, many conflicts arise (drug use, family problems, school issues); unfortunately many of those conflicts remain unresolved. Overall, I give Go Ask Alice a big thumbs up. Descriptive writing, interesting language, real life situations that are easy to relate to. The book is an amazing tribute to a harsh unforgiving reality. So grab a cup of understanding, a bite of reality, and a comfy place to sit, because you won’t be able to forget the story of a girl named Alice.



Tomato Soup by Corina M.

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I love my tomato soup.

I remember the first time I made it. Sure it’s tough, but it is worth every minute of your time. Chopping up tomatoes to a squishy pulp. Flushing cheeks in front of the steamy stove. Wrinkling noses at the punch of cloves. Finishing off with a delectable grilled cheese, with cheese in my mouth and bread that crunches in my ears. And the sweet and savory fruits of an evening’s labor. Only the best soups can bring memories like that to the table.


The Goonies (a review by Alexis)

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The Goonies is the best movie ever made. It’s really funny. It’s a comedy/adventure. It’s about a group of kids that go on an adventure in search of pirate treasure when they find a map in their attic. They break into the Fratelli’s house and go under their house which leads them to a cavern where the treasure is. It’s one of those movies that you get hooked on and have to watch the whole movie. The Goonies is a classic. Anyone who hasn’t seen it should watch it.