Wild Waves by London B.

Last summer I went to Wild Waves in Federal Way, Washington. It’s like a water park mixed with an amusement park. They have 3 real big roller coasters and 7 huge water slides and sooo much more !  They have this huge pond right in the middle of the whole park and it has hundreds of coy fish with big mouths. You can feed them out of a little machine for 25 cents.  We got there early like 11 and it was really hot. We went on a few rides first then went to the water side of the park. It was a blast: They had some scary-looking rides like ones that went constantly down and up in circles and I was like heck no, but I went on a wooden roller coaster and that was crazy. And I went on a roller coaster called corkscrew, and it spins like a corkscrew.  Wild Waves was the best part about my summer, and I will never forget it.


One Response to “Wild Waves by London B.”

  1. I grew up near Federal Way. We used to go to wild place. I keep promising my kids we will go there. I better take them this summer.

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