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Walk This Way: a book review by Karen E.

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Walk This Way, written by Aerosmith and Steven Davis, is an amazing crazy adventure.  It starts out with a prologue about Steven Tyler and his addiction. Then the book goes talking about his family tree. The legendary amazing vocalist’s family tree dates back to his great grandpa and grandma playing music. His aunt was one out of the many people who knew music and taught Steven to play.

It was a great experience reading this book and learning more about one of my idols, compared to reading it off the Internet. This is an interesting book and people should read it if they are really into Aerosmith and/or Steven Tyler and his journey onto sobriety.

Bit-O-Honey by Shyanne

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Bit-O-Honey is the best candy in the world. How can a little piece of honey wrapped in a blue, red and yellow paper be so freaking tasty? I could literally eat one hundred Bit-O-Honey and not be sick of them. I don’t think I could ever not love this candy. Hopefully one day everyone will have had a chance to try this delicious chewy little gift from above!

Wild Waves by London B.

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Last summer I went to Wild Waves in Federal Way, Washington. It’s like a water park mixed with an amusement park. They have 3 real big roller coasters and 7 huge water slides and sooo much more !  They have this huge pond right in the middle of the whole park and it has hundreds of coy fish with big mouths. You can feed them out of a little machine for 25 cents.  We got there early like 11 and it was really hot. We went on a few rides first then went to the water side of the park. It was a blast: They had some scary-looking rides like ones that went constantly down and up in circles and I was like heck no, but I went on a wooden roller coaster and that was crazy. And I went on a roller coaster called corkscrew, and it spins like a corkscrew.  Wild Waves was the best part about my summer, and I will never forget it.

Sarah Week’s So B. It (a book review by Jade R.)

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So B. It by Sarah Weeks is about how Heidi (a little girl) goes on a search to find her mother’s name and history.  From Reno, Nevada to Liberty, New York, the protagonist searches and finds something more than she suspected. She learns about her mother, grandma, and grandpa. She meets some new friends along her adventure. She has some tough times and some good times. By the end of her journey, she realizes she will always love…(well, you’ll just have to read it and find out).  This is a great book, and I recommend this book if you’re interested in fun adventures.

Academy Award Nominations by Jillian S.

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Pet Rock played a big roll in “Rocky.” He rolled so fast in that movie! Pet Rock ran faster than a Cheetah! You have to see this nonexistent movie. It’ll blow your mind!


Burning Candle was equally impressive in the film “My Birthday.” She stayed lit for almost the whole movie until she was finally blown out in the end. That gust of wind going through the window was a great actor as well! Truly amazing. I know it’s a bit too late for this but…..SPOILER ALERT!