Feedback by John Isaacson (Zine Review by Anika)

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Feedback by John Isaacson is a zine that features reviews of live music shows. Each page features a clipping of the poster for the show and opposite to the poster is a comic of some interactions John had while at the shows, and some are quite funny.  This zine is a great compilation of comics and artwork. Each page tells a little story about the experience John had and just from that, you get the whole mood of the show. This zine has a whopping 13 different shows in it plus bonus album reviews in the back. This zine was made with care and lots of thought. It is clear that John’s love for the music scene is immense.

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The Monsters of D & D by Tanner

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Dragons are the namesake of Dungeons and Dragons, and are one of the most classic and iconic of monsters. Traditionally, there are two different classifications for dragons:; metallic and chromatic. Metallic dragons come in brass, copper, gold, silver, and bronze, and a majority of metallic dragons tend to be good-aligned, choosing to follow the teachings of the god Bahamut, the Platinum dragon. Chromatic dragons come in black, red, green, blue, and white, tend to be evil, and follow Tiamat, the Dragon Queen. Depending on the age of the dragon and the average level of the party, fights against dragons can either be only mildly difficult or extremely challenging. Each dragon has a different element assigned to it depending on its color. Gold, brass, and red have fiery breath, silver and white have ice, bronze and blue have lightning, copper and black have acid, and green has poison. In terms of lore, all dragons tend to be hoarders of wealth, though how they manage to acquire it depends on if they’re metallic or chromatic. Metallics often receive gold, jewels, and rare items from smaller races in exchange for protection, whereas chromatics tend to gain wealth through fear and pillaging. Dragons make for a memorable and difficult fight, and are a very memorable monster overall.chromatic. Metallics often receive gold, jewels, and rare items from smaller races in exchange for protection, whereas chromatics tend to gain wealth through fear and pillaging. Dragons make for a memorable and difficult fight, and are a very memorable monster overall.

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Goblins are another classic in Dungeons and Dragons, known for serving other races as minions or being just a general nuisance on their own. Goblins are actually a subrace of a much larger, generalized type of monster, Goblinoids, and other monsters that fall under that label are bugbears and hobgoblins; however, goblins are the most well-known. Goblins tend to be numerous, so it’s very rare to encounter and battle just a single goblin, and because they’re so small, they can easily run up and hit you, only to disengage and back away so they don’t get attacked. However, to counteract this, goblins tend to be very, very weak. In the lore, goblins are very aggressive and short-tempered, and take pleasure in exacting revenge against those who have wronged them. They also tend to be very greedy and find it incredibly difficult to be altruistic or refuse a deal where they get paid vast amounts of wealth. In the end, goblins are an easy fight, but this makes it easy to fill rooms and dungeons with a large number of them for a challenge.

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Orcs are another classic Dungeons and Dragons monster, with many individuals having a very “survival of the fittest” attitude. Orcs don’t stand out very much in terms of fighting against them individually;, however, orcs are incredibly powerful in groups and make for challenging battles for all levels depending on how many there are; they tend to rely on brute strength and rarely, if ever, run from a fight, even if their chances of winning seem slim. In their lore, orcs are a very “tribal” type of civilization and are very aggressive, brutal people. They also follow their own pantheon of deities, the most major god being Gruumsh, the one-eyed god. Overall, while they’re not incredibly flashy or special; , orcs are a staple in the game and will likely never go away anytime soon.

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As You Were (zine review by Anika)

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As You Were “Issue #1” (compiled by Mitch Clem) is a very interesting compilation of comics about house shows. All 19 artists in this zine use a different style so all the artwork is very different.  They all explore the house show scene in a different way,  like how house shows can be amazing or anything but amazing–awkward or weird. Every story is a different perspective on how it is at house shows and really covers it all. This zine is very cool and show so many different views and art styles.

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“Mothership” Album Review by Ben

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Dance Gavin Dance: “Mothership” Album Review 

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The album I chose to review is “Mothership” by Dance Gavin Dance. I chose this album because fam, it’s lit af.

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I discovered this album around October of 2016 and I’ve been listening to it ever since then. It’s by far one of the best albums I’ve ever heard in quite some time.

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My favorite song off of Mothership is “Inspire the Liars”.

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This one is my favorite for its awesome melodies, instrumentals, lyrics, and the feeling of the song.

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         Dance Gavin Dance is probably one of my favorite bands by far. Their music is just amazing, fun, goofy, quirky, weird, and awesome all at the same time. Most of their songs aren’t even written in a way that would make sense to a normal human being. But there’s always just something so charming about each and every one of the songs on this record.

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         If I had to rate it on a scale of one to 10 I’d probably give it a 12. Definitely one of those albums you would take with you to a deserted island.


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Assassination Classroom is a funny anime with good lessons. Assassination Classroom teaches lessons like never underestimate the underdog and failure is part of success. These are good lessons to learn. But the best thing is the way the anime teaches the lessons. It’s not a serious anime just going “learn these lessons.” It adds in comedy so you can enjoy laughing and learning at the same time. All in all, this anime is the best for learning some good lessons while having a good laugh.


Lucky Star (review by Cheyenne P.)

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Lucky Star is one of the most funny and random animes ever. It’s full of jokes and references to other animes. Also, most slice of life/comedy animes have a specific storyline. Lucky Star has no storyline. It is instead a compilation of random conversations between four friends, Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi (Kagami’s Twin), and Miyuki Takara. It even has a little mini comedy thing at the end called Lucky Channel where host Akira Kogami, who on camera acts as a kindhearted person, tries to give an overview of the episode, but falls out of character whenever she gets annoyed by the co-host Minoru Shiraishi. All in all, Lucky Star is a very random and very funny anime.

Beastie Boys by Dakota Cuddeford

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